Kepler Telescope Found New Planets Better Than Earth




  • NASA's Plan To Stop An Asteroid

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    • @paul starr There's an asteroid? Where can you see it with your naked eye?

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    • worldsmasterofspirtsspirtseekerscanada,tm* lol dont think SO but we can dream right . i wonder if they have any dinos there to play with lol

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    • @Sarah Bajzat Sun can't explode but it can send a massive electromagnetic EMP to trigger Jupiter's magnetic tail.....and throw huge meteors and asteroids at the earth, hence fire and Brimstone from the tail of the "Dragon". Man Is the true beast not the Dragon just a heads up!

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    • Yes but what about the sun explosing

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    • Elohim Loves You amen!

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  • They should have a parachute and little fuel so they can land on the planets not the really hot or cold

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  • not even fixing our own planet, now were gonna replace it?

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  • Imagine if every country just stopped fighting, we could have been on a new planet decades ago.

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  • "...96 megapixels camera..." Meanwhile average smartphone now has 108 mp camera but still makes potato pictures.

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  • Postoi planeta bliznak koja e simetricna na Planeta Zemja I sekogas e na ista pateka so planeta Zemja I e vremenski eden den vo idninata.,zatoa vo ovaa dvodimenzionalna ramka ne mozeme da ha vidime. Toa e spores trigonometriskite zakon I na simetrija. Zatoa e vozmozno patuvanje vo idninata. Spored zakonite na prirodata ili bogovite ne e dozvoleno patuvanje vo Minatoto za da ne se smeni idninata. Dokaz se sonovite Kade lugeto patuvaat so mislite dodeka spijat vo idninata eden den, najmnogu tri Dena.

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  • Definitely results by new brand of telescopes like Jame Webb etc in future will give surprises and may change existing concept s in cosmology or bigger discovery etc

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  • Cepler made nasa ! What nasa says that I NEVER BELIVE NASA 😆😆😆😆😆

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  • DO YOU BELIVE THAT ??? 😆😆😆😆

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  • No,we are not alone

  • It can't be that there is no human life on other planets like earth.. why would we be so special to find the exact same world, without living things on it

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  • What If these planets have humans on them like us omggg and they don't even know Bout ussss

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  • But then I love earth

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  • I don't believe anything anymore.

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  • Allah(our god ) says (He made) horses and mules and asses that you might ride upon them and as an ornament; and He creates what you do not know.

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  • I’ve been thinking about space and have realized how low the possibilities are of there being other creatures like humans in our galaxy. Think of the millions of different species on earth and out of all of them were the only sentient one.

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  • Yeah let's make a space strip mall and a space parking lot and a space mall and a space copy-and-paste neighborhood! Lets take insane irrational religions as well! Baptists in space! Spaptists!

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  • Just stfu, earth 2.0 my ass

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  • NASA: Never A Straight Answer 😆

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  • Can you imagine how fast having an orbit locked planet would advance the speed at which your species advances? Geology alone, industrial processing, free power from steam'd start 100% green with access to massive naturally occurring forges.

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  • Good.. go there and tell us about it.

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  • Are humans are living on this planets

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  • These planets similar to our world, may be proof that, there are many earth,s , just waiting to be discovered. But, the distances are too great.

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  • everybody gangsta until we start calling the sun k2-18 ayo the new k2-18 bright as shit

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  • Can't wait to be taxed for that too...

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  • Ok students get out your pencils and notebooks,time for a pop quiz

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  • Why would they want to find a bigger earth when they're depop'n us?

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  • Earth is Better than the other planet. Earth is our Home♥️♥️♥️

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  • If k218b is 8 times the mass of earth, wouldn't its gravity be 8 times earth's gravity? Human life would not be able to take that kind of gravity.

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  • BS!! There are revelations that's about to unfold on this Planet close at home, thanks for your big lies and the production of this mind bugling pseudo-sciences you wicked people used to distract humanity for years & years.😃

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  • this is so fascinating why don't they teach us this in school....

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  • Soon we'll be able to take a spaceship to visit family who recently moved to a new planet. *but you'll probably need your COVID vaccines first to board*

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  • Uzi should of bought a planet that is related to earth

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  • The only measure of the value of a planet is whether there is life on it. There is life on Earth. Unless you've found life on one of these Earth-like exoplanets, it is ludicrous to refer to them as "better."

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  • Science is so damned amazing.

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  • *_The main entrance going to kepler planet is in bermuda triangle_*

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  • imagine someone looking at us like a potential habitable zone

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  • Georgia Tech: shows photo of UGA

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  • Me and the boys: Scarrif battle time boys

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  • I wonder is this why everyone is going to space ?? Billionaires buying planets lol 😆

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  • I want to live on these planets

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  • It's Thanos's home.

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  • Amazing!

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  • Hopefully we’ll go there someday

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  • I thought the title said the Kepler telescope finds my parents

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  • Interested to see once its realized that's its truly a multiverse instead of a Universe.

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  • Certainly more planets will be found as well as we are definitely not alone. If we were it is said to be an awful waste of space!

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  • You WILL NOT find a planet better than earth for humans. This is BS fiction . These conclusive statements are not “science”

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  • Sikhism talks about that there’s many planets that have similar earth livings and there many lives out of earth in million and billions

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    • Sikhism, a Punjab centric nationalism, now your taking about other worlds.

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  • Not true

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  • manifest destiny

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  • Earth has memes. Earth is better

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  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Really you know it’s better, you know the atmosphere make up, you know the ocean makeup, you know the planet has spin, you know it has a magnetosphere, you know there is plants. Just wow dude.

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  • Do you want proof of it being better than Earth? No humans are on it!

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  • Why can’t these cameras go into those planets and see????

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  • Any planet is better than Earth because they don't have taxes or gym memberships.

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  • No Man's Sky IRL! 🤩

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  • Now the only question is how do we get there?

  • Such BS.

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  • lil vert joined the chat 💬

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  • Life as we know it. The narrator keeps saying "a planet that would support life" and "water is important to life". Life as we know it. We are probably staring right at other life forms and are unable to comprehend them, because it is not life as we know it.

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  • Anyone solve that pesky FTL Travel thing?

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  • So let we say better earth?so better president?btter people?better Isis ?better corrupt?better covid???its impossible

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  • We're never leaving this planet. Nobody is leaving this planet.

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    • I guess the people who have been to the moon don’t exist.

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  • Soooo please fly away, and let me here, I love the earth, only the gover ments are crasy☝🏻

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  • Humans now this days they blow up shit and war all the time. Plz dont sent shit else up there we don’t deserve to ruin another beautiful planet

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  • All sounds good in fantasy... but in reality humans living on another is slim at best. A planet larger than earth will have significant higher gravity than earth which would make life very hard. And then there's the issues of atmosphere conditions, pathogens, oxygen levels, radiation etc... sci fi movies are fun but so far from reality unfortunately.

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  • There's a cover picture for the flat earthers right there 🤣

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  • Well good luck getting there😍😍😍

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  • Last thing we want is somone preaching Islam in the new planet..

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  • Very good

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  • Whoever created the universe that was a real big brain move

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  • we are engineered for this planet only, no point is going anywhere else. If you don't believe in God and in evolution then there is 4.6 billion years working against you. If you do believe in God then you know that this is the only place God wants you to be

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  • imagine if you travelled for 100 LY to an exoplanet to find it was just 20 degrees too hot for humans. the balance is just so delicate. If the atmospheric pressure was just a few degrees too high or low. Or the parent sun emitted radiation infrequently that burnt up all possible chances of life. Just such a gamble

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  • Who cares we'll never go there, our space travel top speeds were made in 1970 and haven't even improved in over 50 years, at this kind of speed progress we'll be there several million years from now.

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  • i wish I born in future then i go to other planets

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  • Soon even Mars will be better than Earth.

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  • How many years did keplar telescope reached this plannet?

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  • I wish I lived there

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  • Theyre way better cus no humans live there.

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  • How all the sudden theres a planet that looks like earth so close to us when we have discovered planets such as Neptune that are 50k KM away?????

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  • And people who lived there's.they call our SUN .a morning star or evening star

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  • Humans should stay on this planet and die here. We don‘t deserve a new one

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  • Instead of blowing money on planets we could never reach we could feed the people on the streets and provide housing for homeless vets. Just take care of the US in general

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    • Take care of the world *

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  • Keep searching for new planets...and once yall get there..look for another new one..keep looking and ruining everything

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  • When aliens find our tech lost in space, they will know they are dealing with an inferior species and won’t bother.

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    • Have you ever thought about the fact that aliens could simply be elephants on a different planet. Your perception of what aliens are is very distraught through Hollywood. Also, if aliens do encounter us, there is almost a 100% guarantee that they’d recognize there must be another planet with life and explore it immediately

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  • "The telescope was deactivated with a goodnight command." This kinda makes my heart shattered I don't know why. Thank you Kepler

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  • How can it better than earth when there's nothing there.?

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  • Earth is the only habitable planet.

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  • all the other planets has a big sign that says no liberals allowed 👍🏼🥃🕺🏻

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  • Just because we couldn't live on other planets, it doesn't mean something else couldn't.

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  • This guys imaginatiions was so outrageous. They don't want to put their studies in shame.

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  • Ants think we are aliens

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  • 4:37 "new research out of Georgia Tech University has analyzed..." Proceeds to show The University of Georgia's historic place marker.

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  • Super sized planets might have super sized species... We will be ants to them and ants in earth will be microbes.

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  • As long as I could take my girlfriend with Me I would be willing to find a different planet

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  • Can’t wait to go to rtx earth

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  • Dang...I thought it was genshin 2.0 map..

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