Drake ft. Future and Young Thug - Way 2 Sexy (Official Video)

'Certified Lover Boy' out now: Drake.lnk.to/clbVD

Connect with Drake:

Director: Dave Meyers
Director Rep: Jamie Rabineau
Production Company: Freenjoy
Exec Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Producers: Nathan Scherrer & Brian Bell
Director of Photography: Starr Whitesides
Production Designer: Keith Raywood
Choreographer: HiHat
Editor: Nathan Rodgers @ Cabin Edit
Color: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Company3
VFX: Les Umberger @ Mod Creations
Sound Mix: Tom Paolantonio @ Lime Studios
Animation Studio: Blinkink
Animation Directors/Designers: Stevie Gee & Essy May
Animation Producer: Gareth Owen
Animation Executive Producer: Josef Byrne




  • Sus

    THE GTHE G35 דקות לפני
  • Future's was shit af

    shadyshady58 דקות לפני
  • need uzi on the remix frrr

    spaceboispaceboiשעה לפני
  • He should collab with Teddy Kennedy ilmore.info/door/2mXD3Y12tHqoaJU/wyd-w.html

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  • Lol

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  • Commun. Cmon. Tweet. Tweet maxi pad... became.my. I home. I phone hur. Butch supply my source of.iron. man. For the y re a t

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  • Maybe I have no idea about music, but personally I find CLB very disappointing. Dark Lane Demo Tapes was much better

    z3roz3roz3roz3roשעה לפני
  • I have my Halloween curly wig ready Bluetooth speaker blasting this song and feeling myself with hair like this

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  • Kawhighlights ⏭ 2:41

    FroZen TesLaFroZen TesLa2 שעות לפני
  • This song is so trash lmao

    Hugo BossHugo Boss2 שעות לפני
    • love u bro

      RESPEXXRESPEXX2 שעות לפני
  • Future tho 🔥

    J FJ F2 שעות לפני
  • Did young thug just say molest me

    1GanstAssYungin1GanstAssYungin2 שעות לפני
    • i was looking for this comment

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  • drake turning back into a meme rn

    JuxicJuxic2 שעות לפני
  • Why’s drake fat 😳

    Rblx._sadboy シRblx._sadboy シ2 שעות לפני
  • after the beats drop and drake finishes his verse am out

    PanafricanTVPanafricanTV3 שעות לפני
  • This is the first Drake song I’ve ever checked out. I did because Kawhi is in it. It is genius. Took a hilarious song from back in my day and supercharged it. Excellent lyrics when they went rogue. Hilarious concept. Fun Guy was icing Gervin style. Thanks for making this. It was the best part of this September for me and I mean that sincerely.

    plutosorbitoutthereplutosorbitoutthere3 שעות לפני
  • Can't believe they remixed Prince Charming (Shrek) idol song 🤣🤣🤣

    zee lupinezee lupine3 שעות לפני
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he got me laughing 😂. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  • Drake and Future need to make another album with just them on it🔥

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  • ilmore.info/door/uaOR136Zy4mJoaI/wyd-w.html

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  • Did drake just come out?

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  • 🔥

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  • what in the SNL is this haha

    CeeJaay ShieldsCeeJaay Shields4 שעות לפני
  • Y’all thought

    Benny pBenny p4 שעות לפני
  • im not much on drake but he just hits different with future

    Chase CurtsingerChase Curtsinger4 שעות לפני
  • Lio baby should had a part in this he 🔥 on everything

    TsharpvlogsTsharpvlogs4 שעות לפני
  • The original song a whole vibe too. I respect drake for respecting good music keepin it in rotation

    Deshaun TarkingtonDeshaun Tarkington4 שעות לפני
  • DRAKE AND DJ KHALED FUNNIEST MOMENT AT THE DINNING TABLE 🤣🤣🤣ilmore.info/door/x4mdzqijvpp-qcg/wyd-w.html

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  • ilmore.info/door/z3Onm6mOqI2KdtQ/wyd-w.html

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  • CONGRATS! U are here before the cringy comments like “it’s 3045, let’s see who’s still listening to this masterpiece”.

    Felix PewdiepieFelix Pewdiepie5 שעות לפני
  • This sound like Bollywood tho ! For real ! for real!!

    Mr.funny BonesMr.funny Bones5 שעות לפני
  • It looks like Kawhi’s Knee is good cuz he dancing soooo he should be a go this year

    Jaguars CelticsJaguars Celtics5 שעות לפני
  • Wasn’t all that lol nice video tho

    Sonia PavonSonia Pavon5 שעות לפני
  • We have evolve 1step further. This might be the new sexy 😂

    հᎥgհ I'mհᎥgհ I'm5 שעות לפני
  • Kanye west album way better then this shit

    Anthony FullerAnthony Fuller5 שעות לפני
  • Future is funny as f***

    Eli JEli J5 שעות לפני
  • I didn’t know Kawhi was going to be in this video with future, Drake, and young thug

    Dat boi JordanDat boi Jordan6 שעות לפני
  • Wow. This song is terrible.

    Manparit SinghManparit Singh6 שעות לפני
  • Should I destroy this beat for my next remix?!?😈😈😈 www.youtube.com/BuRRRge?sub_confirmation=1

    BuRRRgeBuRRRge6 שעות לפני
  • I feel like Young Thoug just threw up on the mic

    P SDRP SDR6 שעות לפני
  • Too sexy to be jamming to this song!

    Xavier MartinezXavier Martinez6 שעות לפני
  • My boy kawhi getting that money still

    Kevin Hooks Jr.Kevin Hooks Jr.6 שעות לפני
  • This song better without Drake. Not his flow.

    MozambiqueMozambique6 שעות לפני
  • Only people who aren't here from tiktok can like this comment

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  • Still rocking nuts on his the lol

    Rains RandallRains Randall7 שעות לפני
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Aurora LopezAurora Lopez7 שעות לפני
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Aurora LopezAurora Lopez7 שעות לפני
  • I want that cologne. "Wet"

    Dream CarsDream Cars7 שעות לפני
  • So, I'm listening...Drake does have a smooth voice but lost me with the expletives. Disclaimer: I am 61 years old but give me credit for being open enough to check out the present Top 40. Doable but nothing like the 70s and 80s, though. If he were still alive I don't think Casey Kasem would even try to do his radio show. :-)

    Christopher HolmesChristopher Holmes7 שעות לפני
  • ilmore.info/door/mqGwp6GBva-tbLI/wyd-w.html next up

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  • sobrevalorado, me gusta mas josh

    Ss7ferSs7fer7 שעות לפני
    • hahahah you killed it

      DiegoRodriguezMusicDiegoRodriguezMusic7 שעות לפני
  • All they needed was a kawhi laugh at the end 😂

    mikoy huiomikoy huio7 שעות לפני

    Laterra RushingLaterra Rushing7 שעות לפני
  • Who else peeped Kahwhi 😅😂😂

    Artia WardArtia Ward7 שעות לפני
  • he got a no 1 on billboard without trying

    Saaransh GuptaSaaransh Gupta7 שעות לפני
    • 😂they play too much

      mikoy huiomikoy huio7 שעות לפני
  • Any trash sells nowadays.

    King HenkeKing Henke7 שעות לפני
  • DRAKE featuring M!CHAEL MAYHEM ilmore.info/door/2HW7xJCGzKKzgbI/wyd-w.html

    Hail CeasarHail Ceasar7 שעות לפני
  • ilmore.info/door/23unsnyJ0oWsfNg/wyd-w.html .

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  • Drake never miss

    Saucy SumSaucy Sum7 שעות לפני
  • 3:38 - This is the "skip the perfume ad" button You're welcome!

    StoicStoic7 שעות לפני
  • What did future say????

    Lorenzo VelardeLorenzo Velarde7 שעות לפני
  • Why did they copy this song and acting part where they’re dancing that’s what Jon Travolta was doing in that one movie !!!!

    JadalineJadaline8 שעות לפני
  • Thug got the hardest verse no cap

    nigee Cnigee C8 שעות לפני
  • Lyrics are 🔥

    Roots2Leaves AlmasRoots2Leaves Almas8 שעות לפני
  • The background voice is just so fascinating to hear.

    Life Of QueLife Of Que8 שעות לפני
    • It’s a sample from the original song

      Ruhid MohamadRuhid Mohamadשעה לפני
  • 💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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  • this whole video so odd to me bruh

    bruhmanbruhman8 שעות לפני
  • think the best part is kawhi LOL

    Abdullah FAbdullah F8 שעות לפני
  • This actually comes up related toy Spotify. Album - HOT GLASS Song - O Same chords and music so the algorithm Hits if you like this song please check out my album Hot Glass - Michael Whitney love. ty.

    Seacoast Heat & ACSeacoast Heat & AC8 שעות לפני
  • 😂they play too much

    Dr knightDr knight8 שעות לפני
  • 🔥🔥🔥🗣

    Boujeerihh AhhBoujeerihh Ahh8 שעות לפני
  • I swear I love goofy people 😂🤣

    Crystol BraceyCrystol Bracey8 שעות לפני
  • Please.

    Spirit RichardsonSpirit Richardson9 שעות לפני
  • i love this song im too sexy anyways .

    Yaya ThomasYaya Thomas9 שעות לפני
  • Drake as Rambo is the next hype 🤣💪🏻

    KemozKemoz9 שעות לפני
  • Y’all clowning

    Alexis TurnerAlexis Turner9 שעות לפני
  • Women Future keep calling so he can do what to Spirit. Kris Woodard.

    Spirit RichardsonSpirit Richardson9 שעות לפני
  • Everyone go look one America news on the OAN tv station there saying everything. God is with y'all. But not the evil ones hiding in the flesh. God bless an love all

    Mike LongoriaMike Longoria9 שעות לפני
    • @Mike Longoria what lol

      Mali Mali 8 שעות לפני
    • @Mali or has i mean

      Mike LongoriaMike Longoria8 שעות לפני
    • @Mali just go look. Everyone else did

      Mike LongoriaMike Longoria8 שעות לפני
    • Saying everything like?

      Mali Mali 8 שעות לפני
  • Kawhi dancing is the craziest part of this video tbh 🤣

    Teresa T[a]P Me!! To [S]EX With MeTeresa T[a]P Me!! To [S]EX With Me9 שעות לפני
    • m.ilmore.info/door/pXmd1Z-s3o-LldQ/wyd-w.html

      💌WE ❤️ CLICKING💌WE ❤️ CLICKING2 שעות לפני
    • How is that crazy

      Jack ReaJack Rea7 שעות לפני
  • I don't think I've ever said this in my life but this has to be the most interesting video to watch full of everything I've even had to pause and rewind this video should get an award on creativity honestly 10 thumbs up

    Carmen CarpCarmen Carp9 שעות לפני
  • How is this song number 1 on billboard charts lol.. like wtf is going on with music industry.

    JONJONJONJON9 שעות לפני
  • He remix every old Skool song!!!!!!! Every song a Hit!!! Stop playing with Drake!!! PeriodT!!! We love you Drake!!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

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  • Work out music

    TheWhite SharkTheWhite Shark9 שעות לפני
  • Bestest 👑

    BiG MoSsBiG MoSs10 שעות לפני
  • why was thugs verse so shit

    PyroPyro10 שעות לפני
  • man is not even TRYING he just gave up

    Mynx9Mynx910 שעות לפני
  • Damn!!What's next for Drake Them: Anything that includes being sexy 😅🤣

    ALPHALLALPHALL10 שעות לפני
  • Verified : The best rapper to jump in a collab with DRAKE is FRENCH MONTANA. I never heard a dope collab of Drake like Montana's version.

    MedelMedel10 שעות לפני
  • More

    Quan TumQuan Tum10 שעות לפני
  • everyone know he not curling actualy 45's lmao

    SweetScienceSidSweetScienceSid10 שעות לפני
  • Yes

    Quan TumQuan Tum10 שעות לפני
  • All have to much money to try anymore

    jackiepoojackiepoo11 שעות לפני
  • Future dressed as Prince is out of this world

    Mihai TodorMihai Todor11 שעות לפני
  • Nah love like it this one

    Because Of You FahriBecause Of You Fahri11 שעות לפני
  • You chose the shittiest song in the album to make a video on!?!? Plus, Future isn’t good anymore, stop making ft. with him, please!

    MrAliLonghornMrAliLonghorn11 שעות לפני
    • I just don’t like his verse

      EmEm11 שעות לפני
    • The chorus is catchy he does great on it ur trippin

      EmEm11 שעות לפני