Those Aren't Mountains Those Are Waves




  • If we’re being realistic tho the ship isnt making it all the way up the wave its gonna tumble down the way a surfer does when the nose of their board catches and itll be like tumbling down a very steep cliff at terminal velocity only being slowed down occasionally by concrete-like impacts against the water :///// all dead. Except maybe not bc idk wtf the gravity is like on that planet but im assuming its normal if they’re just walking around fine. Either way no shot pal

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  • Is this a movie?

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    • Yes, the name is Interstellar

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  • Those aren’t waves those are mountains Change my mind

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  • And now they're all wearing their brown spacesuits

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  • Interstellar

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  • This dumbass standing there looking at the damn wave instead of just hopping in the shit smh.

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  • Just imagine what would have happened if he had farted.

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  • this is so scary

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  • What you know about rolling down in the deep?

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  • A giant wave on a shallow water 😶

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  • Don’t want to be that guy but what a pointless ass death and totally avoidable if he would’ve went back when they said it’s a wave and she could’ve told him about the robot

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  • What movie?

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  • What you know about rolling down in the deep.

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  • Whatchu know about

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  • Sick wavesss dude 🤙🤙

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  • Why was this video posted 4 years ago but all the comments are from a few weeks ago?

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  • Interesting description of Planet Miller from the Interstellar Wiki, is that the tidal waves are static (not moving) and their ‘movement’ is actually the planet rotating towards them.

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  • “Those aren’t pillows!” TP&A

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  • Felt that oh shit, its like before every drop

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  • When you see a motionless tornado

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  • can someone explain how a planet with that shallow of water can have such big waves? and the fact that there is 130% the gravity of earth. idk maybe it was just there but I'm just confused.

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  • Fun fact: This ENTIRE movie was shot without the use of a green screen. Not once. Literally, not a single scene.

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  • Just dive under it fucking idiots

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  • For real though how terrifying would it be to get stranded on that planet. Just water, and since the whole planet is water it’s depth is unimaginable. I would simply just never open my damn eyes. I don’t wanna know what’s beneath me, especially at night. Good god, what a nightmare.

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  • The survivor: play messange you welcome to subnautica.........your rescued will arrive 9999999999999999 years.

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  • Name of this movie

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  • They are about to catch the biggest barrel in history

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  • I never understand why people need to hesitate and look, that dude had plenty of time to get into the ship, but no, he had to wait and looked until the last second. This is why this movie was good and unbelievable, trust me, human see a wave like that, they would be running and jumping into that ship. Not stopped and take a second look...LOL!!!!

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  • Yo what movie was this?

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  • astronaut in the ocean

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  • I just want a meme of a dude paddling out to the wave, ready to surf it.

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  • What's the name of this movie?

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    • Interstellar

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  • That’s no orange moon, that’s Trumps fat A$$!!!!!

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  • God dam you Anne Hathaway.

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  • Blew my mind this movie. Seriously one of a kind, the acting, visuals, sound all fucking amazing

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  • This movie is a masterpiece

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  • Me trying to look for a comment that isn’t about the astronaut in the ocean song

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  • “Dude, that’s not chocolate you’re eating….”

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    • @Don Dianduakila Way to ruin it.

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    • It’s Mexican cheese D:

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  • Is it just me or did a lot of people sleep on the movie when it dropped I always thought it was dope 🔥

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  • At 130% earths gravity would they even be able to stay awake? Wouldn't your heart be struggling to get blood to the brain?

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  • Apparently those ticking noises you can hear are representing one day passing back on on earth

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  • "We're not leaving without..." Please! In the face of imminent death, we'll all be like, "bitch be gone"

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  • Movie??

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    • Interstellar

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  • Why are these waves so huge? Cuz of the gravitation of Gagantur or how it's called? Everytime I see this scene I'm impressed and wonder if something like this is happening rn on another planet

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  • Whatcha know about rolling down in the deep when your brain goes numb you can call that mental freeze when these people talk to much put that shit in slow motion yeah I feel like an astronaut in the ocean

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  • Which movies is this??

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  • Everyone: *a h...b i g...w a v e* Robot: *BRRRR*

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  • Movie?

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  • 1:15 there's another scene right after this, I guess it was edited

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  • What movie is this

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  • This scene scared me on first watch as much as any horror film

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  • Okay but if this is a planet of continuous water then those wave would just be constantly circling the planet never ending.

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  • Finally consequences for staring at the problem and not running.

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  • Why couldn’t they land the shuttle ten feet from the data case and not have to worry about the waves at all?

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  • Great scene but not realistic Allow me to nerd out for a second Waves follow a circular pattern, where they almost roll through the water, but in this scene the wave is straight up and down. Therefore, it’s unrealistic

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    • r/iamverysmart

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  • Does NASA really recruit such assholes?

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  • The fact that this movie wasn't nominated for the best movie and director ia still a mistery

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  • What is this movie called

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    • Interstellar

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  • What didn’t he just get into the fucking ship

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  • To think that those waves are small in comparisson to the depth of our oceans is mind blowing.

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  • Some of the Smartest Dumb People (Characters)

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  • Kowabunga dude

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  • Subnautica players: Just like the simulations

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  • Me staring at the wave 👁👃👁

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  • Love this movie, with all my heart.. But Doyle was kind of a dumbass

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  • It's such a horrifying concept, just spending a month on that planet would mean everyone you have ever known and loved has long since died and you may well no longer even have a home to go to. What's worse is your stuck on a sterile hell full of gigantic waves, you wouldn't even have the chance to perish with your species.

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  • the fact that the robot was smart enough to climb first.

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  • Every tick you hear in the background 1 comment is posted with the same shit about how it's a day passing on earth.

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  • “Second wave is coming” hits differently now

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  • This brings a new meaning to the song astronaut in the ocean

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  • When i put a finger in my Bath tub:

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  • “Whatchu know bout rollin down in the deep” 😳

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  • Why the hell didn't he just get inside and kept staring at that wave?

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  • "We gotta get the data they got from the planet" i dont think the data gonna look good tbh

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  • This movie really is as bad as it is good. Years later and I'm still unpacking this. The upside is that I can tell they really tried. Which does mean a lot in this day of film making.

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  • That's what he said

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  • what u know a bout rolling down in the deep

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  • Pretty deep waves for such shallow water lol

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  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • What is the name of this movie?

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  • 0:54 still apt today But for covid

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  • You know what, ima call it moving mountain fdom now on

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  • This scene does not make sense... Water was shallow and waves were huge like mountains.

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  • What's the name of this movie? Anyone?

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  • I’ve never seen this movie. Why is the ocean one foot deep? They didn’t look close to land.

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  • What do you think about this ?

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